Our closing night at the Laughing Kookaburra

It was hot like it was raining. Except the rain were droplets of sweat rolling down the back of our necks. That’s how hot and humid it was. We were down in Florida while I had a seminar on the exciting topic of securing ATM PIN numbers. We had stayed at the hotel where the seminar was being given, but apparently there was a convention of Novardis employees going on. They had coffee service for seminars attendees outside our room at 7 AM. So we quickly changed hotels to the Wyndham which was essentially across the street from the hotel hosting the seminar.

We had stayed here before, as a matter of fact for the same seminar I was attending now. It was required every two years, so we found ourselves back in Florida, in July. Nightlife was everywhere. We were just a short walk to downtown Disney, where we could walk over the bridge to Paradise Island. We had to pay a fee to get in, but once inside, we had the place to ourselves. Of course, we had to pay for food and drink, but both were aplenty.  There were liquor carts on every corner, with live music playing on the opposite corner. There were clubs everywhere, with everything from old timey dancing to BET.

But unlike our first stay, we didn't go to Pleasure Island, but instead decided to go to our hotel bar called the Laughing Kookaburra. We showed up, and the place was empty. Our waitress for the evening was a seasoned vet who knew how to work her customers. We started with our standard drinks: Bev with wine and me with Jack on the rocks. Our waitress told us this was the last night for the Laughing Kookaburra and we would be one of its last customers.

So we decided if we were going to close down the place we would do it in style. We went up to our room, changed into "club" clothes, and sat back at the table for two where we started the night. The club started to fill up, and the band was starting to twang out its first rehearsal notes of the evening.

And so our waitress came up to the table, and let the festivities begin. She was committed to getting us drunk that evening, and we had no argument with that. The lights went down, the music cranked up, and the club started jumping. We hit the dance floor hard, and had a blast. We never lost our little table for two, right on the dance floor. Nor did we lose our waitress.

The club really started to fill-up and by now we had reached a fever pitch of dancing and drinking and having a fantastic time. It was like we had hit the Nirvana of clubs, just because we were closing it down. There was slow music where Bev and I danced cheek to cheek, and fast music where we just went wild and not only danced with each other, but with other clubbers, all the time maintaining eye contact and the electric bond that existed between us. This was our night, our single night to let loose all the mania that we had built up inside, being proper and adult. We were dancing. Dancing like our lives depended on it, like the universe was in sync and all the stars were aligned.

We closed the club just before dawn along with the other stragglers dancing to the music from the exhausted band. We made our way back to our hotel room, laughing all the while, and ordered up a full dinner with desserts from room service. I don’t think we've ever had more fun than that crazy night closing down the Laughing Kookaburra. There are so many other stories from our Disney adventures, but I’ll have to tell them in other blog posts.


© Steven R. Smith 


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